In case you’ve never heard about the use of an enema, you’re in the right place. An enema is a process that stimulates stool evacuation and relieves constipation. It’s a liquid treatment that conveniently helps push waste out of the colon, with your body reaping many benefits in the process. The average person has almost 5 kgs, if not more, waste inside their large intestine, so including enemas into your routine can be advantageous to your health. They are especially helpful to those individuals who do not have at least one regular bowel movement per day.

Our kit can be used with purified water or our unique organic coffee blend to assist with various issues.


    Our 2 litre enema kit can help eliminate acute constipation from the lower bowel. When filled with purified water, held and then released in the toilet, a water enema is the perfect, non toxic and immediate solution for constipation. This can also help re-tone the colon muscles necessary for peristalsis.

    - clears constipation

    - supports weight loss

    - removes toxins and heavy metals

    - improves your skin health

    - increases immunity

    - increases energy levels


    Coffee enemas have been shown to help boost antioxidant levels, draw toxicity out of the liver, flush the colon and are believed to bind to free radical cells in the body which is why they may be recommended by natural health practitioners. These are just a few key benefits of coffee enemas.

    - boosts immunity

    - increases energy

    - stops yeast overgrowth

    - supports autoimmune diseases

    - removes parasites from the digestive tract

    - removes heavy metals from the body